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Software Knowledge

I would like to thank Unity, Blender, Adobe, 3DS MAX, Microsoft, Notepad++, all of my excellent teachers, and my great friends.
One of the best teachers I have ever had, Tyler Bryant, introduced me to the unity game engine. When I entered the class I had some basic programming knowledge and some knowledge of animation. After the class I was well on my way to building interactive worlds in 2D and 3D.

Another great teacher that has opened my eye to the 3D world was Walter “Clay” Atcison. His knowledge of 3DS max, Photoshop, and many other programs is awe inspiring. His is also a fair and understanding of his student’s needs and abilities.

David Shypertt

Basic 3D Background

I have lived most of my life in Northern California where I have been part of many diverse communities. Understanding how others view the world and solve problems within it has opened my eyes to being more empathic to others.
I have used this knowledge to build rigs that have personality's of their own. I try to see through the rigs eyes and think, what are my needs, what are my goals, and what am I feeling? I also envision the environment, interaction with other rigs, and user-input within the scene being presented.